A perennial favorite comprised of vanilla and caramel.


70/30 High PG
80/20 High VG
90/10 Max VG


4.86 Average

7 Reviews

Tracy S.

I love this flavor. I was smoking a juice made by Modest called "One". It was vanilla ice cream in a waffle bowl drizzled with rich caramel. Modest quit making it. This one is even better!!

Linda L.

I just love ordering from your site. Easy and quick!

Dan L

Good flavor!

William M.

I've tried hundreds of flavors and brands over the years. I ALWAYS come back to BigHeart Carnival in the 50/50 house blend. It is smooth and sweet with an almost buttery tone to it. No ugly after taste. Not harsh on the throat when sub-ohming. But, also goes down well on low watt setups. Just the best all around. My favorite set-up for this juice is my 220w alien, with a TF-RTA, 0.3 dual coil 24g kenthal at 45 watts. I vape Carnival almost exclusively.


My mom uses this and it's become my absolute favorite! I won't use any other flavor but this one!!!!

John K.

Great taste good flavor a buttery carmel vanilla mixture that doesn't require any extra tweaking Definitely on my reorder list

Patrick M.

I'm not a fan of the sweet or fruity. When I was turned on to carnival by my local vape shop I fell in love. Every few months I try to buy something different. I've tried at least 100 different flavors across 20+ brands. I ALWAYS end up back at Big Heart Carnival. Quality juice with just the right amount of flavor!