Prima Vaporizer from Vapir


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  • The flawless aluminum body and comfortable design make the Prima easier to handle than other products. Prima features a stainless steel pathway located between the mouthpiece and the chamber that does an excellent job of cooling down the vapor each time you vape.

    For a clean tasting vape thePrima features a removable pathway so you can wash it out thoroughly.

    Featuring four advanced and preset temperatures that will guarantee you a perfect vaping experience, this sleek and portable vaporizer should never be underestimated.

    It comes with a removable and rechargeable battery that eliminates excessive heating up times. You can also purchase an additional battery pack and have it on hand to ensure long-lasting vaping sessions. Now you can enjoy your favorite oil extracts and herbs whenever and wherever you are. With a Prima vaporizer you will enjoy a flavorful, warm and consistently satisfying vape.