Limitless Plyrock Pulse

The Limitless Pulse is a low cost, all in one system with uniquely designed, refillable pods. With slim and sleek features, it is sure to be the best, easy and convenient device for all day vaping on the go, anywhere you go.


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Patrick McCracken

Lets start with the good. 1) Sleek design that mixes both a "cool" look and, with the ability to turn off the lights, a little less casual. Great for any occasion. 2) Hits well. Not anything to write home about. but just as well as any good pod system. I find a primer puff or 2 gives you the best hit. If your a chain vapor you should give it 20-30 sec between hits. Otherwise you'll end up with dry hits. 3) Battery life seems reasonable. Depending on your habits it could last you most of the day. If your a chain vaper, like me, you might get a couple hours out of it. For a tiny little pen that's not bad. 4) The Hardware seems well made. I've had pens that felt like they would break if the wind blew to hard. This one is super light but feels pretty durable. 5) The coil seem well made. I've had pre-fab, +ohm, attys that start to taste funky after a few days if you run high nic content. I've been hitting on this, as a chain vaper with a 50mg salt-nic, for 3 days straight now and it still tastes great. 6) Way more color options on the lights than I had expected. 7 colors with something for everyone. And the ability to turn off the lights is a great little bonus! 7) This one great for smokers trying to make the switch. The pull on it is extremely close to a cig. And if you run a high nic blend the throat hit is very similar as well. 8) The pods can be easily disassembled. This is GREAT if you want to make your pods last longer. Good for cleaning and rewicking and replacing a burnt coil. If your looking to save a decent chunk of change you can make a pod last quite a bit longer with little effort. Now for some of the not-so-good - 1) A little pricey imo. You can get way more powerful mods for the same price. And in some instances, cheaper. This is a nifty little mod and I would say it was worth the money ... just not WELL worth the money. Though that is going to be a personal opinion depending on what you are looking for in your vape device. 2) While the pods themselves seem well made, I've had 3 pods straight demonstrate minor leaking. Not even enough to cause more than tiny a dot of liquid on the underside and cause the pod to be a little greasy when removing it. So not a HUGE deal. But still, it's there. 3) Removing the cap from the pod is a bit of an ordeal. It's on there pretty good and requires some finagling to get it off. After you get the cap off, pulling out the plug to fill the pod is a REAL PAIN IN THE ASS. If you don't have nails you will often find yourself pushing the plug further in while trying to pull it out. I've just started keeping a set of tweezers around to get the plug out. I docked a a decent chunk of points for this. I don't want to have to carry an extra tool, and then stop and sit for 5 mins just to fill my vape. Now, the tool for me isn't THAT big of a deal. I have a klouders vape pouch that can hold a pair of tweezers for me. 4) It's a little disappointing that they are using silica wicks in the pods. Silica does not wick as well. And, with a pod system your REALLY want your system to wick as fast as possible. And it always interferes with the flavor. The only upside is that you aren't likely to burn your wick by dry hitting. So I guess this one is a personal preference. But for me it's a negative. All in all it's a really decent system with a few flaws. I would likely buy it again given the need. One last thing. I am a sub-ohm, regulated mod guy. You might call me a cloud chaser. But really what I am after is the throat hit that comes with bigger clouds. No matter how many I've tried, pen/stick mods just never cut it for me. Having said that, I purchased this system as my on the go, working in the yard, sneaking hits in the store, ect ... For when/where I want my nic, but I don't want to have a big mod in my hand. Initially it got used intermittently, a few hits every few days or so. When the battery ran out and I went to charge it it wouldn't charge. I contacted customer support and they gave me a few things to try. When none of them worked they sent me a brand new system, no questions asked. It arrived the next day and I figured I'd put it to a hard test. Mainly to run the battery down to make sure it would charge. But, also to see the quality for consistent vaping. I am pleased to say it's working just fine. And once again this business shows it's top-notch customer care and appreciation. I have never had anything but WONDERFUL experiences with this company. Thank you guys so much!

William M.

Before I start I want to say that this 1 star review reflects research and corroboration of others on the quality of the hardware. Let's start with the positives - 1) This is a great little pod system at a reasonable price. Hits as expected. Like most +ohm that use a POD or a Clearomizer hits nicely in a puff puff hit rotation. Needs 20+ seconds to cooldown between hits. But most people using these are looking for a high nic hit and aren't looking to chain vape. 2) The Pods come apart without to much trouble making it fairly easy to re-wick to make your pods last longer. And, if your up for it, you can even wrap your own coil and replace it as well without to much trouble. 3) Acceptable priced. Not super cheap and I feel like the price point could go down a bit ... But that's not HotVapes fault. The manufacturer needs to look at that. I could go get a cheap clearomizer system that works just as well for less. 4) The lights are cool and there are more color options than I would have thought. I also like the fact that you can turn the lights completely off if you want. Allowing you to either have a fun colorful vape, or a more professional looking vape. Call it the "business casual" of the Pod world ;) Now for the downers :( 1) First and foremost! The reason for 1 star ...... After two recharges of the battery I noticed it would stop charging after 30 or so seconds even on a dead battery. After unplugging and replugging it and getting nothing I went hunting and this seems to be a common problem that has been reported several times. There is a work around. If you pull (inhale) on it while it's plugged in it will turn on and continue to charge for an additional ~30 sec then turn off again. So basically I have a vape that I can only use while plugged in. Since I am a regulated MOD user, I bought this for size and weight so I can get my nic while working in the yard ... AKA portability. So I basically wasted my money. If it weren't for this, confirmed, consistant problem with the charging issue I would have given this a 3 star review. 2) The pre-installed wicks are silica ... kind of a joke for this day and age to have a silica wicking system. Luckily, as I said before, the wicks are fairly easy to replace so throwing some cotton in fixes this without to much of a headache. All in all not a bad pod system except for the fact that it commonly ands up not being able to be charged ...