Jive Juice

A citrus explosion of juicy orange.


70/30 High PG
80/20 High VG
90/10 Max VG


4.00 Average

4 Reviews

Susanna G.

Love it, not too sweet and a nice citrus taste


I've been using Jive Juice almost exclusively for a few years. It has the aroma of fresh orange peel and a flavor that is, to my palate, closer to real oranges than anything else. It's juicy and delicious and not too sweet. I prefer my vape flavors to be more natural tasting and less candy-like, and Jive Juice fits the bill. HotVapes recently released a new recipe for Jive Juice which I tried and, quite frankly, hated. It was just too sweet for me. When I complained, the amazing folks at HotVapes put the original back up. Now THAT'S customer service for you!! I can't say enough about the care and consideration Jim and everyone at HotVapes (both online and in the store) have shown me as a customer. Love you guys!


The "old" Jive Juice was my favorite e-liquid from any vendor. It smelled like real orange peel and tasted as close to fresh oranges as any I've ever had. Alas, the new version is terrible. It tastes like it was made for children. It's like an orange gummy bear dipped in sugar: way too sweet and what orange flavor it has is totally fake-tasting. Please bring back the original Jive Juice. I've been using it exclusively for years, but now will have to find another place to buy my orange e-liquid.

Toni P.

Love this flavor..I also purchased the Spearmint...I did not like the after taste of that one.