Kanger Evod Kit

  • With two long-lasting batteries designed for those who vape for extended periods of time, you never need worry about being caught without a working PV. The Kanger Evod kit's 650 mAh batteries come in your choice of black, silver, purple, or green.

    The included Evod clearomizers are a bottom coil design. These are different in the respect that instead of having the coil assembly on the top of the unit, it's instead located at the bottom of the base. The Evod clearomizer also includes a unique design in that, above the main heating coil, there are what are referred to as 2 “flavor wicks”. These help absorb and feed the liquid to the main coil assembly, as well as control leaking to almost nothing. The replaceable heating coil heads are then easily screwed off, and a new one is screwed on when your coil needs replacement. Liquid is filled by unscrewing and removing the bottom of the base.

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