Kanger Subtank Mini w/rba kit

  • The revolutionary Subtank hybrid. The SUBTANK gives you the freedom to switch between Kanger’s newly designed Organic Cotton Coil heads (OCC) and a new rebuildable atomizer head. OCC make use of organic cotton as a wick. With just a few twists, you can switch from a Kanger pre-built coil to using your own hand-built coils and turning the unit into a genuine rebuildable unit.


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David Eldridge

I had an issue with my order, due to the mail and wrote them to ask for help. They called me very next day and talked to me and straightened everything out. They really made things right and people should value good customer service like that. The subtank mini by kanger is my favorite, I've had mine over a year and still going strong. Just wanted different color cuz paint chipped. But its a great tank, no leaks *keep it up right* and good flavor. Just change the filters every couple weeks seems fine with me. Love it. Thanks Hotvapes!