Kanger TOPTANK Mini

  • Introducing the new Kanger TOPTANK Mini clearomizer tank

    Kanger has designed a really nice tank that fills the void between the Evod's, the old Protanks and Aerotanks and all the massive "Sub-ohm" tanks that are currently flooding the market.

    This device is a really great replacement tank for those who are still using Evod style and Protank style tanks and clearomizers, but are not interested in all these massive "sub-ohm" devices that are continually coming out. This tank caters more-so to the ex-smoker who is vaping to keep from smoking. Be it 1 month, 2 years, 4 years etc....

    Example - We have an employee here who has been vaping for 3 years and keeps wanting to like and try these sub-ohm tanks that are coming out, but every time he tries one, he thinks that they are just way too much for him, but he would still like something that is more powerful, has better flavor, and is a step up from an Evod, or Protank. The TOPFILL Nano fits the bill perfectly to bridge the gap between the two.

    It seems as if the market has been trying to out do each other on who can come out with the newest and greatest tanks that will produce more vapor than you would see at a Rock Concert! While nobody has concentrated on building a well made device to still satisfy the ex-smokers, who have absolutely no desire to "blow big clouds" but still would like to see innovation in vaping on the level they are at.

    These tanks support a wide variety of different batteries. They can comfortably be used with something such as an eGo standard or twist battery when using the 1.2Ω heads, to supporting more of a mod battery with replacement atomizers ranging from 0.2Ω to 1.2Ω. Some of us still appreciate a more powerful and longer lasting battery than an eGo but still want a tank for the top as this tank is described.

    Last big benefit- Juice will no longer drip down on your battery lead if your tank leaks. While this tank is almost resistant to leaking, we all know from time to time it can happen. Especially if we wait until the tank is almost empty to refill - thus losing the vacuum inside the tank. If the tank ever leaks, it will come out the side where the adjustable airflow control is.

    A HUGE HIT from Kanger in our opinion!