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vAir-T Ni200 TYPE N Temp Control Replacement Coils for Aspire Nautilus

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vAir-T Ni200 TYPE N Temp Control Replacement Coils for Aspire Nautilus by Vapeonly


Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks!? The Aspire Nautilus has been an essential go-to tank for vapers for a long, long time. Vapeonly is bringing this classic tank 2015's hottest feature - Temperature Control - with the vAir-T Ni200 Replacement Coils. TC box mods don't necessarily require high wattage, which is why using the Nautilus or Nautilus mini is still an awesome choice! 

With a unique wick control design, you can adjust the vAir-T Ni200 TC Replacement Coils to have a smaller or larger opening for e-juice to enter the 100% organic cotton inside the head. Set a small wick hole for thinner juices or leave it open wide for thicker max VG e-liquid. Set one of these coils in your tank, connect it to your favorite TC box mod, and vape on awesome flavor and clouds! 



✔ Nautilus by Aspire
✔ Nautilus Mini by Aspire



  • Resistance: 0.25 Ω
  • Coil Material: Ni200
  • Wattage: 10 - 60W



  • 5x vAir-T Ni200 TYPE N Temp Control Replacement Coils by Vapeonly