Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

Disclaimer - for those of you coming to our site who are unaware of the FDA’s policies in regard to e-liquid manufacturers, please understand we must state: “This product contains nicotine” on the top of the each HotVapes web page across our site, to responsibly abide by this policy. This is because we are primarily an e-liquid manufacturer and do sell e-liquid with nicotine. However, be assured, our B-12 product is not an e-liquid and contains absolutely no nicotine.)

Introducing HotVapes’ exclusively own Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin). This is not a pre-manufactured product we threw our own label on. Our Vitamin B12 product is made here in our lab by our lab technicians, with 100% pure liquid Vitamin B12 mixed with our own HotVapes flavorings.

Entirely nicotine-free, this uniquely HotVapes product is just liquid Vitamin B12, food flavoring, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, plus your choice of flavor, or flavor-free.

We’ve been getting excellent feedback since introducing our B12, selling more and more bottles each week. Our repeat customers have reported amazing benefits. Try it and see what the buzz is all about!

Vape it or use it as a tincture. 30ml Bottle


4.87 Average

23 Reviews

Felix R.

Its a great product i can feel my energy levels go up when ever i use it.

Ben C.

Although I am still new to the vaping scene, this product was precisely what I was looking for. Thank you HotVapes!

Randal L.

No crash energy, works great

Diamond H.

Really love this product, I've felt the difference after a day or so.

Edward C.

I had my doubts about it but I work night shifts and a diabetic and I wake up most evening feeling a little lightheaded. So I gave this a 2 week run of using it in my vape pods and I can tell the difference after I wake up 2 or 3 minutes after I use it I do fell better. Also that little bit of energy to help me get going in the evening is nice I will buy more when I'm running low. Also my brother's girlfriend ordered a bottle after I let her try it for a few days.

Rebecca L.

Love it, glad to find this e-juice! Now, I need the Vitamin C!

Albert A.

Only have had less then a week and already feeling better and ready to order another flavor

Sharina V.

Taste great heads clear I love this new wave b12

Candie L.

I really struggle to keep my b12 up. Ive tried all sorts of things ways to an it but after a week of this, my numbers rolled over into normal. Just barely but there. Love it.

Igor K.

Great taste!

Nathaniel C.

Nice juice

Robert M.

Nice upgrade from vitamin vape. Been using the new Smok Infinix battery with it.

Jeff W.

Great product, we're not just pushing nicotine. This is great for vegans who might want B12 anyway.

Charlotte s.

Safe and quick energy with no nicotine. Love this juice!

Jessica G.


Ashli R.

i bought the green apple one, and it has a really nice taste, and it came really quickly. great product. great shipping speed:ok_hand::ok_hand:

Joe b.

Enjoying the experience of vaping my vitamins. I ordered the honey dew and the green apple. Great flavor. Did have an issue with slight leakage of the green apple bottle, just saying. I Have actually recommended your product and two orders were placed because I shared. I believe in it. Thank you. I'm happy.

Pam M.

I was really pleased with the taste and the burst of energy though out the day. I vaped on it all day.

Bryan W.


Maureen K.

The e liquid is a refreshing all day vape. I love that it contains NO nicotime but instead a vitamin that may improve my health. Maybe benefit is questionable, but I am hopeful.

Bernita V.

Tried this for the first time, I'm not disappointed!! I got the green apple, honeydew and unflavored The flavors are tasty and I had great energy all day after only getting 5 hours of sleep!! Highly recommend!

Esteban G.

My sister told me about this product and I've been vaping for a few years now I gotta say it works great better than taking b12 sublinguals in my opinion and convenient for me. All together works great.

Ryan D.

You take a few puffs when you need a pick me up and in no time you are moving ..I love this I put a few drops of my favorite flavor and boom easy super fast energy in a vape pen.. Awesome